Year: 2017

Client: TicSalut

Sector: Health, Technology

Place: TecnoCampus, Mataró, Barcelona

Challenge: Our challenge was to visually capture the key elements of the research project on digital needs and opportunities in the EPOC patient care process. We were also challenged to create the communication elements and media to present the project.

Results: We created real-time visual summaries comprised of drawings and key texts that were approved by the Tic Salut research team. We designed media for the promotion and communication of events in handmade format and with a human tone. Our work visualized the objectives, flows, and focus of the project. It was used to present the project and involve stakeholders and future partners in the process of service design thinking, supporting the generation of digital solutions during COPD patient care.

Methods: InnoDesign, InnoVisual, Visual Thinking, Graphic Facilitation, Visual Storytelling, Service Design Thinking, Handmade Infographic