Year: 2018

Client: OAE Barcelona Activa

Sector: Administración pública / servicios a empresas

Place: Palau Macaya Barcelona

Challenge: To facilitate an innovative, dynamic, and participative work environmentfor the SGT team of attention to companies. The environment needed to account for the talents and needs of the work team and promote the design of new services for the increasing demands of its clients.

Results: We designed tailor-made visual meetings to work in a highly productive, positive, and visual format, offering the OAE team the opportunity to order ideas, generate reflections, empathize with the needs of the clients, learning during the process new visual tools, and methods for business design.

Methodologies:InnoVisual, InnoThink, InnoDesign, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Gamestorming, Brainwriting, Mind Maps, Storyboarding