Year: 2018

Client: Schneider Electric

Sector: Empresa, tecnología eléctrica, iOT

Place: Valkiria Hub Space, Barcelona

Challenge: For the ESEZI 2018 event, our challenge was to create an innovative format for the presentations of general management from the Iberian Zone. The purpose of these presentations was to communicate the previous year’s achievements in an uplifting and positive way. These presentations also needed to announce the priorities of the team of regional directors of Spain and Portugal. Finally, we needed to create visual summaries of all the papers presented during the two-day event through graphic recording.

Results:We designed attractive corporate Prezi presentations that included our handmade drawings. In addition, we composed visual summaries of the key ideas of each presentation in a dynamic and visually striking way and in large format murals. Our final product was distributed to all the participants, and it maintained their engagement with the presented content regarding the strategic objectives of each business unit for next year.

Methods: Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording, Visual Thinking, lnnoVisual