Year: 2011


Sector: Education, Company, Art, Design

Place: Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Challenge: To design a creative atmosphere in the entrance hall of Esade Creapolis.

Results: We designed a creative experience activated out-of-the-box thinking through an experiment that consisted in the observation of pictorial works as a source of inspiration for the resolution of challenges in the business and educational environment. The experiment, entitled “Let Arts and Design Inspire your Business,” invited both adults in the business environment and children to: 1) Pose a specific question to be solved 2) Follow a journey and write down different visual impacts in a tool designed for creative activity 3) Reflect on the observed elements to try to answer the question.

The results were surprising, and 80% of the participants said that the exercise helped them find inspiration to respond and solve the challenges that arose at the beginning of the experience!

Methods: IDEA Art, Creative Thinking, Observation, Experimentation, Visual Thinking