Year: 2017

Client: TecnoCampus

Sector: Health, University Education

Place: TecnoCampus, Mataró, Barcelona

Challenge: To create call-to-action and reminder messages in different areas of the university campus that encouraged the campus community to adopt healthy habits in relation to physical health. CampusSaludable CampusSaludable (link:

Results: We transformed the common spaces and the circulation of the dining room, the Espai Break, and the access stairs to different floors. We also created positive environments with vibrant, colorful upholstered furniture. Our design created an innovative space with “talking walls and floors” that invite students to take concrete actions to maintain a good diet, use the stairs, and exercise regularly. Moreover, our work detailed the benefits of different actions on both one’s physical and mental well-being. The design of the signs and infographics were composed of large, handmade, drawings and texts. They captured messages with a dynamic and useful touch tailored to the style of the main users of the spaces – the students.

Methods:InnoDesign, InnoVisual, Visual Storytelling, Design Thinking, Handmade Infographics