Year: 2017

Client: EAE Executive MBA

Sector: Education

Place: EAE Business School, Barcelona

Challenge: To work through challenges and current problems as an opportunity to generate new business ideas focused on the needs of the people.

Results: We facilitated a learning by doing conference in which the Executive MBA students applied our Design Thinking methodology in a participatory, less theoretical way to identify which real-life problems they could solve. Thanks to our visual tools like empathy and co-creation maps, the students were able to visualize opportunities to generate ideas and provide solutions. They represented these things through storyboards and prototypes made with legos. This immersion day gave the students the opportunity to think creatively, solve challenges, and generate impactful entrepreneurial ideas that focused on the needs of the people.

Methods: Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Human Centered Design, Storyboarding, Customer Journey mapping, Visual Storytelling, Prototyping, InnoDesignKits,