Year: 2017

Client: Bytemaster

Sector: Pyme, software, tecnología

Place: TecnoCampus

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Challenge: To help all the company’s teams, both at departmental and general management levels; to explore and identify company needs and challenges at a strategic level and in relation to customers and stakeholders.

Results: We united the organization’s entire team and helped them identify the company’s challenges through 10 small group meetings and one large-scale meeting for the pooling of proposals. The tools and methods that we used allowed us to drive the creativity and enthusiasm of the team in a different way each day. As a result, we increased their sense of responsibility and involvement with the challenges of the company. In this case, our design thinking methodology provided Bytemaster with an strategy for thinking and creative problem-solving based on five principles:

1. Focusing on people’s needs 2. Identifying problems 3. Collaborating 4. Experimenting 5. Creatively visualizing concepts

Methods: Visual Meetings, Design Thinking, GameStorming, Visual Storytelling, Mapas de Co-creación, InnoDesignKits, Team Building, Indoor Picnic, InnoDesign, InnoThink, InnoVisual